Mickey Mouse (MICKEY)- Token Mickey Mouse used to pay game fees

Mickey Mouse (MICKEY) is a Cryptocurrency Token belonging to The Walt Disney Company which is the world's largest multimedia and entertainment corporation. Founded on October 16, 1923 by brothers Walt and Roy O.Disney. Disney from a small animation studio has become the largest Hollywood studio owning 11 entertainment fields and 7 TV networks including ABC. Disney Corporation has its headquarters named Walt Disney Studios (Burbank) in California, USA.

Mickey Mouse (MICKEY) Premium cryptocurrency token for Mickey Mouse Game produced by our company, based on BEP 20 Binance Smart Chain platform, the system automatically burns MICKEY to increase the price every quarter

The main advantages of Mickey Mouse (MICKEY)

Mickey Mouse (MICKEY) has the most outstanding advantage of combining the best of both technologies. Premium Mickey Mouse Game

Especially, the advantage of MICKEY is the short block generation time and low transaction costs, which will help new users convert assets quickly with low transaction costs. Mickey Mouse (MICKEY) has EVM-compatible programming and cross-chain communication capabilities that will help improve work efficiency for programmers.

The idea of ​​setting up Mickey Mouse (MICKEY) is set up based on the following special factors to ensure the safest for users:

MICKEY is an independent Blockchain so it brings security and safety to all users and developers. MICKEY is compatible with EVM so it will support all existing tools of Binance with faster transaction time and lower cost.

MICKEY enables interoperability between 2 blockchains enabling cross-chain communication and scaling for high-yield Dapps wishing to be faster and smoother to use.

Mickey Mouse's on-chain governance (MICKEY) through PoS consensus mechanism and combined with 21 transaction validators to bring decentralization and increase community decision-making ability. fellow users.

Will appear on the Coinbase Exchange,KuCoin exchanges on 5 PM 12 TH Decmeber, 2021. & Listing Pancakeswap

Mickey Mouse

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0.01BNB = 10,000,000 MICKEY

1BNB = 1,000,000,000 MICKEY

Presale Price: 1 MICKEY = 0,0001$

Listing Price: 1 MICKEY = 0,18$

Contract : 0x663969cc836535def1c5f3868b70ec55ef4855fb

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Mickey Mouse (MICKEY) Key Features and Highlights

Mickey Mouse (MICKEY) options

Mickey Mouse is an animated character of American cinema, the symbol of Walt Disney Animation Studios of the Walt Disney Company and this lovely mouse was created by artist Ub Iwerks in 1928 and voiced by Mr. Walt Disney language. The Walt Disney Studios set the date of birth of this rat as November 18, when the release (1928) of the movie Steamboat Willie, one of the first voice-over animated films, is considered the release Mickey's eyes, although the character had appeared a few months earlier in a pilot screening of the silent film Plane Crazy.

Mickey is one of the globally known icons. The MICKEY token was born to build his own new platform, paid Game wants to be known by everyone.

Mickey Mouse (MICKEY) Token Sale and Economics

Total Supply : 100,990,000,000,000 MICKEY

Decimals: : 6

Presale Price: 1 MICKEY = 0,0001$

Public Sale Token Price : 1 MICKEY = 0,18$

Token Type : BEP20

MICKEY burns quarterly

Mickey Mouse schedules a quarterly MICKEY burn to permanently reduce the supply of MICKEY, thereby increasing its value. The amount of MICKEY burned is calculated based on Mickey Mouse's overall quarterly trading volume. The quarterly burn will continue until a total of 50,495,000,000,000 MICKEYs are burned, representing 50% of the total MICKEY supply.